A list of companies which use Perl. Initially generated from postings to jobs.perl.org.
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This is a project to create and maintain a publicly-available list of all companies which use Perl.


The idea for this list was spawned over a lunch of burritos with Jeff Thalhammer. We both thought this list existed already and, when we discovered it did not, we decided to do something about it.

The initial list was generated by parsing the entire history of jobs.perl.org, but the list is not limited only to those companies which use JPO. It was merely a convenient starting point whence we could gather a lot of data.

From here on out the expectation is that the majority of changes will be contributed by the community. Please see the Contributing file for more information.


Most important files:

  • README.md: You're readin' it.
  • ./Perl_Companies.md: A Markdown file of companies which have posted to jobs.perl.org. The file contains four columns:
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • Year of most recent posting
  • ./Perl_Companies.csv: A comma-delimited version of Perl_Companies.md.
  • Contributing.md: A Markdown file detailing how to contribute to this project.
  • License.md: A Markdown file containing the licensing information for this project.

Other files:

  • ./generated_company_list.[csv|md]: The files generated using the ./scripts/create_companies_list.pl script. These will probably never change now and are provided here more or less only for reference.
  • ./exceptions.txt: If the script which generated the Perl_Companies files could not locate a name in the posting, the name of the file of the posting (equivalent to a message to jobs.perl.org) was added to this file for future review.
  • ./scripts:
    • ./scripts/get_job_postings.pl: The script (originally written by brian d foy and slightly modified here) which scans through all the messages sent to jobs.perl.org and dumps each posting to a separate file under ./job_postings. It is not anticipated that this script will be necessary now that the files are generated, but here it is for posterity.
    • ./scripts/create_companies_list.pl: The script which originally generated the Perl_Companies files. It started as a script by brian d foy and has been heavily modified. It is not anticipated that this script will be needed now that the files are generated, but here it is for posterity.
  • ./job_postings: A directory of many thousands of files. Each file is a job posting which was sent to jobs.perl.org over the years. It was created by ./scripts/get_job_postings.pl.


This project started out as a fork of jobs.perl.org-jobs-counter by brian d foy and owes an immense debt to him for it.

Thank you, Jeff Thalhammer, for additional motivation to make this happen.