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Hello! Thank you for wanting to contribute to this project! We're grateful for our contributors.

All contributors agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.

How to contribute to this repository:

Submit a link

This is the most common form of contribution. You've found (or written! self-promotion allowed!) a public speaking resource which is not yet represented in the collection and you wish to add it. Thank you!

We follow the standard GitHub pull request process. Please send a pull request (aka PR) with your contribution. We will then review it and either merge directly or ask you for modifications before merging.

When adding a link, please add it to the end of the list of the most appropriate section of the doc.

YES, we welcome links to resources which are in non-English languages! Public speaking is a worldwide undertaking and this repository seeks to support everyone looking to get started presenting at tech conferences, no matter what language they speak.

Once in a great while we'll have to close the PR without merging it. This typically happens when the PR submits duplicate information or information which is not really applicable to this project. We'll always add a note to the PR explaining why we chose to close it without merging. It's never anything personal; the PR just wasn't a good fit. Please continue contributing. We're grateful for it.

Open an issue

Have a question? Want someone else to add a resource for you? Just want to bounce something off the community? Have a question about public speaking? Want someone to review your talk proposal or slides? Great! We love to help people!

Opening an issue is a valuable form of contribution. Just fill in the New Issue form.

When you open your issue, try to make it as specific and as actionable as possible. Open-ended issues are difficult to resolve and may be closed.

Share the project

Even if you don't have a resource to add to the collection, sharing the collection with others is a very valuable form of contribution. The project is only useful if, well, it's used. Please share a link to the project with anyone who might need a helpful hand with their public speaking. We're grateful for the help in spreading the project to those who need it.

Translate the project

If you are very fluent in a non-English language, we welcome contributions of translations of this repository! Please see the README file in the translations directory for more information.

For more help

If you have problems with the pull request process (for instance if you are new to GitHub), or if you just have a question about public speaking, please join us in the #public_speaking channel on Freenode IRC and ask for assistance.

Not familiar with IRC? No problem! Click here for a web interface. Just select a nickname and then you're good to chat! If you need more direction on how to use IRC, this article can help.

If you prefer, feel free to open an issue with your question & we'll get back to you as soon as possible.