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  • sn p hangs indefinitely on dir that doesn't exist or single file
  • .h files are not artifacts in clash-gch repo but are treated as such
  • sn c --exclude should apply to files as well as directories


  • silent flag to ignore warnings?
  • vim plugin
  • symlinks!!
  • flag to fail on nonrecoverable failures
    • fail without breaking when we can.
  • get block sizes not file lengths?


  • .cmi, .cmo, .cmx
  • .bbl, .blg
  • .chi, .chs.h
  • .hie
  • Remove .pyre directory
  • Remove .history from Dhall REPL
  • show raw sizes
  • make a .deb crate (CI)
  • optionally remove docs for elm/Idris while cleaning
  • parse Makefiles (clean)
  • cool feature: highlight extensions
    • color-coded by language?
  • global gitignore
    • check for ignore files in the parent dir too.
    • ~/.darcs/boring
    • .hginore
  • autoclean option
    • OCaml
  • .deb should include completions and manpages.
  • .pmc files


  • test w/ actual file tree & assert\_eq!()
  • test parsing of all ignore files

Code maintenance

  • make read_all() take a struct.


  • parity with du without threading
  • print directories immediately rather than adding them to a vector? MsQueue?

Parallel traversals

  • determine whether to use multiple threads automatically
  • More intelligent concurrency (two levels down?)
  • make generic structure for a traversal in parallel that respects necessary features
    • global ignores
    • ignore files
      • .ignore
      • pijul .ignore
      • darcs boring file
      • .hginore
  • look at rayon for globbed paths.


  • errors should be translated to french/german as well.
    • make an error type & use that to organize things
  • change french/german binary name
    • upsteam PR to clap-rs?
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