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package controllers
import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException
import scala.concurrent.Future
import scala.concurrent.Promise
import scala.util.Try
import async.client.AddNumbersResponse
import async.client.AddNumbersService
import{ Response => JaxwsResponse }
import play.api._
import play.api.libs.concurrent.Execution.Implicits._
import play.api.mvc._
object AsyncSoapController extends Controller {
def add(a: Int, b: Int) = Action.async {
addUsingWebService(a, b) map {
case Right(sum) => Ok(s"And the sum is: $sum")
case Left(errMsg) => InternalServerError(s"Ooops, $errMsg")
private def addUsingWebService(a: Int, b: Int): Future[Either[String, Int]] = {
// watch out: JAXWS service constructors access the (possibly remote) WSDL a create the service delegate
// this will cause a blocking HTTP GET
// the service instance could be shared by all requests
// - maybe created on application startup
// - the WSDL could be stored locally to prevent dependency on the web service's availability at startup time
// thread-safety of the port depends on the JAXWS implementation
val svc = new AddNumbersService
val port = svc.getAddNumbersImplPort()
JaxwsAsyncAdapter.invoke[AddNumbersResponse] { handler =>
port.addNumbersAsync(a, b, handler)
} map { resp =>
} recover {
case e: ExecutionException =>
Logger.error("Error invoking SOAP web service", e)
Left(s"Error invoking SOAP web service: ${e.getCause.getMessage}")
object JaxwsAsyncAdapter {
* Returns a Future containing a result of an asynchronous JAX-WS proxy method invocation.
* @param invoker function that invokes a JAX-WS proxy method with the specified AsyncHandler
* @return Future containing the eventual result of JAX-WS proxy method invocation
def invoke[A](invoker: AsyncHandler[A] => Unit): Future[A] = {
val promise = Promise[A]()
val handler = new AsyncHandler[A] {
override def handleResponse(response: JaxwsResponse[A]) = {
// is a java.util.concurrent.Future implementation
// that might throw an exception (like java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException)
// when the computation result is retrieved (response.get)