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a small http proxy to simplify routing images through an SSL host
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This is an image SSL proxy to prevent mixed content warnings on secure pages served from

We wanted to allow people to keep embedding image links in their comments and README files. This also handles inlining google charts images.


More Info Here

We share a key between this proxy and the GitHub main app. We encrypt the URL with hmac so we're not an open proxy. These keys come from the shell environment and are unique per deployment environment. I'm not 100% sure this step is necessary.

When the GitHub app renders markdown it replaces all of the src attributes on any img tags with the an appropriate URL to hit the proxies.

Testing Functionality

Start the server

% coffee

In another shell

% rake


To see the full URL resclient is hitting etc, try this.

% RESTCLIENT_LOG=stdout rake


You can see an example god config here.

To enable useful line numbers in stacktraces you probably want to compile the file to native javascript when deploy

% coffee -c
% node server.js
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