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Maintainer Wanted #212

vmg opened this Issue · 7 comments

4 participants

Vicent Marti Robin Dupret Frank Smit Matt Rogers
Vicent Marti

Hey everyone,

As you probably have noticed (har har har har) I don't have time to maintain Redcarpet anymore. It's not a priority for me (I find Markdown thoroughly boring) and it's not a priority for GitHub, because we no longer use it in production.

I feel terrible about the infinite list of open Pull Requests and Issues, but all my open-source time is spent as the maintainer of libgit2 and (soon) as the maintainer of another project we'll be open-sourcing soon.

Since there seems to be a lot of interest on this library, I want to pass the baton to somebody who is willing to maintain Redcarpet the way it deserves.


  1. There's a lot of C (for a more accurate values of "a lot": all of it is in C)
  2. It's an extremely crusty code base (reminder that we inherited the original C parser from a very kind French programmer who also happened to have not-the-best-programming-practices).
  3. There are parts of the code base which are very hard to understand (again, legacy).
  4. Whatever changes you make to the library, they must keep safety in mind. There's already enough buffer overflows in the wild. I'll be watching you. And shouting from the shadows at your lack-of-checks.

I'm aware that not a lot of people will be both capable and interested on maintaining this. But if this strikes your fancy, just let me know through this issue.


Vicent Marti

Since there's a lot of people asking: At GitHub we're using the same C codebase as Redcarpet but without all the custom-rendering stuff, the per-element callbacks, the parser/renderer classes, and so on, which are what make Redcarpet so daunting to maintain.

Basically a stripped down version without any fluff. GitHub::Markdown.render(text)

Robin Dupret

Hello @vmg,

I use Redcarpet in a lot of projects and is in my point of view one th best library to parse Markdown. If nobody is interested in the maintaning of this project, I would be happy to maintain this project!

If you want to speak further, you can send me an email at robin.dupret [at] gmail [dot] com.

Frank Smit

This issue is also meant for Sundown, I guess?

Matt Rogers

I can step up to maintain this. Perhaps a co-maintainership along with @robin850 ?

Robin Dupret

@mattr- : A co-maintainership is a great idea! Any news on this @vmg ?

Rafael Mendonça França rafaelfranca referenced this issue in plataformatec/markerb

Fork with a friendlier stripper #11

Vicent Marti

Heh, a co-maintainership it is then. I've added the two of you as contributors. I'll try to be around at the beginning to give feedback and whatnot. Let's see how this goes. :)

Matt Rogers

Lots of issues closed, lots of pull requests merged, new release shipped.

@vmg think we can close this now?

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