alert/verifyConfirmation don't work #32

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vmi commented Sep 3, 2012

[2012-09-03 23:13:21.000] [INFO] Command#18: verifyConfirmation("***")
[2012-09-03 23:13:21.000] [ERROR] getConfirmation()
[2012-09-03 23:13:21.015] [ERROR] There were no confirmations
[2012-09-03 23:13:21.015] [ERROR] There were no confirmations
[2012-09-03 23:13:21.046] [INFO] End(48.7sec): TestSuite[default-00]
com.thoughtworks.selenium.SeleniumException: There were no confirmations
at org.openqa.selenium.internal.seleniumemulation.AlertOverride.getNextConfirmation(
at org.openqa.selenium.internal.seleniumemulation.GetConfirmation.handleSeleneseCommand(
at org.openqa.selenium.internal.seleniumemulation.SeleneseCommand.apply(
at org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverCommandProcessor.execute(
at org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverCommandProcessor.doCommand(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.TestCase.doBuiltInCommand(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.command.Assertion.doCommand(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.TestCase.doCommand(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.inject.CommandLogInterceptor.invoke(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.TestCase.execute(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.inject.ExecuteTestCaseInterceptor.invoke(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.TestSuite.execute(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.inject.ExecuteTestSuiteInterceptor.invoke(
at jp.vmi.selenium.selenese.Main.main(
[2012-09-03 23:13:21.312] [WARN] null

@vmi vmi was assigned Sep 5, 2012
@vmi vmi added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 5, 2012
@vmi #32 workaround alert command handling. 3ada26d
vmi commented Apr 26, 2014

I cannot solve it completely. Give up.

@vmi vmi closed this Apr 26, 2014
@vmi vmi added the pending label Apr 26, 2014
@vmi vmi removed the pending label Apr 3, 2016
@vmi vmi added this to the 2.7.0 milestone Apr 3, 2016
vmi commented Apr 3, 2016

I re-enabled alert/confirm commands.
Because Selenium supported the feature with localStorage.

@vmi vmi reopened this Apr 3, 2016
@vmi vmi added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 3, 2016
@vmi re-enabled alert/confirm commands (#32) and add new supported command…
…s for prompt. (#192)
@vmi vmi closed this May 3, 2016
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