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jQuery Crayon Picker


jQuery Crayon Picker licensed under the MIT License.

Demo / Example

Access a live demo.


jQuery Crayon Picker is a very simple jQuery color picker plugin for jQuery 1.4.3 and higher.


The Basics

Setting up jQuery Crayon Picker is very simple. Assume the following HTML text input:

<input type="text" name="favorite_color" id="favorite_color" />

The jQuery to apply the color picker to this element would look like this:


This jQuery code above will show the color picker whenever the HTML text input gains focus. As soon as a color is selected the hex value of that color is placed into the input tag.

Adding a Trigger

A trigger is an element that launches the color picker. Typically the color picker is run when the HTML form input gains focus. However, it can also be run when a trigger element is clicked. A practical application for this could be an image of a color wheel next to the form input. If you set this image of a color wheel as the trigger then whenever this image is clicked the color picker will open up.

A trigger element must be a HTML anchor element with an href attribute pointing to your text input. It would look similar to this:

<input type="text" id="colorpicker_2" />
<a href="#colorpicker_2" id="colorpicker_2_trigger">Crayon Picker Trigger</a>

In this example above the anchor element has a href attribe equal to #colorpicker_2. This points to the ID colorpicker_2 of the form input above it.

Then the jQuery to instantiate the colorpicker for this trigger would be:


Notice that we our jQuery selector points to the trigger element, not the form input.


There are four available methods within jQuery Crayon Picker. All four method have the same three parameters:

  • target The HTML form input where the color will go
  • trigger The (optional) jQuery object that can also trigger the color picker to open
  • color The hex color value (#fffff, #ff0000, #7f7f7f, etc...)

onOpen [ object target, object trigger, string color ]

This method runs right before the color picker is opened. The color parameter in this case is the current selected color. If no color has been selected yet than this parameter is null.

onClose [ object target, object trigger, string color ]

Right before the color picker is closed this method is run.

onSelection [ object target, object trigger, string color ]

On selection of a color this method is run.

onChange [ object target, object trigger, string color ]

Once a new color is selected this method is run. If the user keeps on selecting the same color multiple times in a row, this method will only run once as it only runs when the selected color changes.


Very simple jQuery color picker plugin




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