simple proxy server to translate commit notifications into irker notifications
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Proxy server which emulates and translates to an irker(1) JSON call. irker is in, layman's terms, "decentralized CIA."

To set up, edit the script and projmap.json file as needed.

projmap.json syntax

The project map file is just serialized JSON. There's a few tricks you can do which are kind of neat though.

Here is the simple configuration:

{"CIA-project-field": {"to": "irc://..."}}

But, you can send to more than one channel at a time, and customize the "colortext" output sent to IRC, as well:

{"CIA-project-field": {"to": ["irc://","irc://"],
                       "template": "%(project)s %(author)s: %(log)s"},
 "Other-project-field": {"to": []}}