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= Open blog engine, written in PHP
Miklos Vajna <vmiklos-at-vmiklos-dot-hu>
== What's openblog?
openblog is a simple blog engine, written in PHP. I was hired to write a
blog engine and the requirements were fairly easy, I wanted to make sure
I can write such a software, so I wrote it.
It has the following benefits:
- requires only PHP and MySQL
- it's small, so if you want to customize it, you can do it easily,
since understanding the whole source code is not a problem
- it has an integrated rich text editor, clean URLs, RSS, so everything
what is needed in a general blog.
== Status
Maintaining software is always a pain and given that I'm no longer paid
for doing so, I recently switched to[rejourn].
== Download
== How does it work?
I think all you have to modify is renaming `htaccess.sample` to
`.htaccess` and finetuning `config.php`, especially the MySQL password
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