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Tailor hacks for better darcs → git conversion

This page is here only for historical reasons. You probably want to have a look at darcs-fast-export.

The tailor subdir is a modified version of tailor, it contains several ugly hacks to work around problems during a darcs to git conversion. I plan to create proper fixs for these issues and submit them to upstream. Basically these hacks allowed me to convert a repo with more than 25.000 (relatively small, but containing conflicts) patches properly and in less than 8 hours (or so).

The tests subdir contains repos with typical problems, they can be used later for proper bugfixes.

The tailor-wrap repo is the 'main' repo, you should first get that one. It contains a wrapper for both darcs and git to work around several problems and to speed up the conversion. Read the INSTALL file in that repo on how to proceed.

Download from GitHub.