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+index.html: README
+ asciidoc -o index.html -a toc -a numbered -a sectids README
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+= Tailor hacks for better darcs -> git conversion
+Miklos Vajna <vmiklos-at-vmiklos-dot-hu>
+NOTE: This page is here only for historical reasons. You probably want to have
+a look at
+The tailor subdir is a modified version of tailor, it contains several ugly
+hacks to work around problems during a darcs to git conversion. I plan to
+create proper fixs for these issues and submit them to upstream. Basically
+these hacks allowed me to convert a repo with more than 25.000 (relatively
+small, but containing conflicts) patches properly and in less than 8 hours (or
+The tests subdir contains repos with typical problems, they can be used later
+for proper bugfixes.
+The tailor-wrap repo is the 'main' repo, you should first get that one. It
+contains a wrapper for both darcs and git to work around several problems and
+to speed up the conversion. Read the `INSTALL` file in that repo on how to
+Download from[GitHub].
+// vim: ft=asciidoc

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