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PowerShell scripts to deploy a SQL Server Reporting Services project (*.rptproj) to a Reporting Server
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SSRS Powershell Deploy

PowerShell module to publish SQL Server Reporting Services solution(s) and project(s) to a Microsoft SSRS Reporting Server

This fork

This repository was forked from:

Added features are:

  • Logging integration using ScriptLogger module
  • Fix for project xml node navigation when only one RDL/DS (
  • Log dump of reportfolder hierarchy
  • Caller script (DeploySSRSSolution.ps1) which will call the solution deploy.
  • Remove of RDL/datasource which are no longer in the project.
  • Hash compare of RDL files (OverwriteReports param)
  • Support for database based credentials on datasources

Longer goal is a complete refactor to the ReportingServicesTools lib provided by Microsoft:

Usage: call DeploySSRSSolution.ps1 with desired parameters.

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