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Stress test is a tool to reproduce java race conditions. It creates an array of tests using the test setup class by n worker threads. It then executes the test by n worker threads till the given iteration count or error count is reached.

usage: com.vmlens.StressTest (-e | -i )

Test Setup Class must implement com.vmlens.stressTest.setup.TestSetup and have a default constructor.

Example: java -cp stress-test-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.vmlens.StressTest -e 5 com.vmlens.stressTest.examples.doubleBasedLocking.DoubleBasedLockingTestSetup


stop after n errors
stop after n iterations
number of tests per iteration
number of worker threads


  • dataRace.DataRaceTest: This test contains a simple data race. If its run on an ARM compatible plattform like for example an rasberry pi it will generate null pointer exceptions.
  • reflection.GenericsHandlingTest: A test to reproduce a race condition in java.lang.reflect.TypeVariable.getBounds()

#Api Doc

#Latest release

#License concurrent-junit is released under the Eclipse Public License 1.0