Simple JSON-RPC Client for .Net Core 1.0.
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Simple JSON-RPC Client for .Net Core 1.0.

With bits and pieces from JSON-RPC.NET


Add package reference to dependencies in project.json:

  "dependencies": {


    "JsonRpc.CoreCLR.Client": "1.0.1"


The sample app makes an JSON-RPC request to the Guru JSON-RPC Tester service. You can run the sample inside the src/HelloGuruJsonRpcSample folder:

# change into sample app folder
cd src/HelloGuruJsonRpcSample

# restore package dependencies
dotnet restore

# run the sample app
dotnet run

The relevant code is:

public static async Task CallTestService()
    Uri rpcEndpoint = new Uri("");
    JsonRpcWebClient rpc = new JsonRpcWebClient(rpcEndpoint);

    // you can use Json.Net JValue if the service returns a value or
    // JObject if it returns an object or you can provide your own
    // custom class type to be used when deserializing the rpc result
    var response = await rpc.InvokeAsync<JValue>("guru.test", new string[]

    System.Console.WriteLine("RPC Reply: {0}", response.Result);

Build From Source

To build the library from source, please do:

# Clone repository
git clone
cd JsonRpc.CoreCLR.Client

# Restore NuGet packages
dotnet restore

# Build NuGet package
dotnet pack src/JsonRpc.CoreCLR.Client --output build

You can also run the tests by doing:

# Run tests from repository root
dotnet test tests/JsonRpc.CoreCLR.Client.Tests

Publish NuGet package to repository

You will need nuget.exe on your path and set the NuGet API Key before you can push a package to the NuGet repository.

nuget.exe setApiKey 76d7xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-eabb8b0cxxxx
nuget.exe push .\build\JsonRpc.CoreCLR.Client.0.0.1.nupkg