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DOP - Day One Parser

I built Day One Parser to host my Food Log online and to share it with my nutritionist. However it can also be used to run a blog powered by Day One Journal. Here is what it does:

  • displays Day One Tags as a list of color coded slugs (tag colors are defined in CssLookup see conf/dop.json warning=yellow, danger=red, success=green)
  • places Day One Image at the top of the entry to which it was attached
  • counts the number of "Search-String" in Day One entry and displays it in a badge (Search-String is defined in Count see conf/dop.json)
  • decodes a starred entry and displayes it as a YES/no slug

DOP also supports custom Title, URL and Description for each entry as follows:

  • if First line of the entry begins with # what follows is used for Title
  • if Second line of the entry begins with //dd: what follows is used for Description
  • if Third line of the entry begins with //dl: what follows is used for url link


# Custom Entry Title
//dd: Longer Description of the entry
//dl: my-entry-url.html

dop screen shot


GOPATH=/data/app/dev/golang; export GOPATH
GO=/usr/local/go/bin/go; export GO

$GO get
$GO install


Modify conf/dop.json and define the following variables:

  • Title: Site's Top Level Title
  • Desc: Site's description - maps to <meta name="description" content=""> on top level page/root
  • PubStarred: true|false - if true only Starred entries are published
  • Count: Only used with dop_food template - counts occurances of string and sets result in a badge
  • CssLookup: map of tag -> css-tag - allowed values [success warning danger]

Modify conf/dop.env and define HTTP Host variables and JDIR - path to your DayOne journal directory where entries subdirectory is located (see example configuration)


Source the conf/dop.env:

. conf/dop.env

Start it:





Apache License Version 2.0

*rev: 205 *