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vmprobe is a utility for managing the virtual memory of your cloud, cluster, or servers. It is based on vmtouch technology but it adds many new capabilities.

For a more comprehensive introduction, please see our official documentation.


The vmprobe install page has pre-built linux packages which are the recommended way to deploy vmprobe. However, if you plan on developing vmprobe yourself, you will need to compile from source.

Compiling from source

There are some compile-time dependencies needed. On Ubuntu you should be able to get them with this command:

sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ libperl-dev cpanminus liblmdb-dev

Next you need to download the perl-time dependencies from CPAN. There is a script in this repo that you can run to do that:

./ quick-dev

You will be prompted for your password so that cpanminus can install the packages globally on your system.

Finally, you should be able to compile vmprobe with this command:

./ build

If all goes well you can now run vmprobe like so:


If you run into any trouble, please create a github issue.


If you would like to contribute to vmprobe, thank you! Pull requests are very welcome.

Please create a github issue with any bug report, feature request, or even general question relating to vmprobe.


vmprobe is (C) 2016 by Doug Hoyte and Vmprobe Inc.

It is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 license.

Please see the COPYING file in this directory for more details.