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Jit Log Query Interface

This command line interface can be used to pretty print optimized program parts. If you are unfamiliar with the JIT compiler built into PyPy, we highly recommend reading the docs for it.

Security Warning

It is discouraged to run the query API on a remote server. As soon as the query parameter (-q) is parameterized, arbitrary code execution can be performed. Note that this is fine as long one can trust the user.

Basic Usage

Let's go ahead and inspect the program in this repository. It is assumed that the reader setup vmprof for pypy already (e.g. in a virtualenv).

Now run the following command to generate the log:

# run your program and output the log
pypy -m vmprof -o log.jit

This generates the file that normally is sent to whenever --web is provided.

The query interface is a the flag '-q' which incooperates a small query language. Here is an example:

pypy -m jitlog log.jit -q 'bridges & op("int_add_ovf")'
... # will print the filtered traces

Query API

Brand new. Subject to change!

.. function:: loops

    Filter: Reduces the output to loops only

.. function:: bridges

    Filter: Reduces the output to bridges only

.. function:: func(name)

    Filter: Selects a trace if it happens to optimize the function containing the name.

.. function:: op(name)

    Filter: Only selects a traces if it contains the IR operation name.