VMSbase is an R suite for the analysis of vessel monitoring system (VMS) and logbook data, which constitute two of the primary sources of information for spatially explicit models of the fishing effort. It is conceived to solve many of the nuisance details related to this specific kind of data, providing a strainghtforward path from data massagi…
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The tools you need to process, analyze, combine, integrate and plot your fishery data: the georeferenced dataset from the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), from the Automatic Information System (AIS) or other tracking devices, as well as the catches or landings dataset from the Logbook or Vessel Register. Package 'vmsbase' is equipped by Viewer Tools to visually inspect data at different steps of the analyses and to produce effective outputs for reports and scientific publications. Viewers are conceived to show the VMS pings, to visualize single or multiple tracks for fishing vessels, or to represent the VMS data on Google Viewer, so that the user can produce easy to interpret and more realistic visualization of both fishing effort and effort behaviour. Package 'vmsbase' represents the implementation of several R routines which have been developed by the "Tor Vergata" University of Rome Team involved in the Italian National Program for the Data Collection Framework for Fisheries Data between 2009-2012.