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⚠️ Latest updates can be found in the Concord-BFT repository

This repository is currently inactive. Concord open-source development currently active in the Concord-BFT repository. Please go to that repository for the latest updates.

Project Concord is an open source, scalable decentralized Blockchain. It leverages the Concord-BFT engine based on years of academic and industrial research, and implements a Blockchain which supports running Ethereum smart contracts.

To get started:

# Build the docker image (will take some time)

# Run a 4-node Concord system and the EtherRPC bridge with docker compose
docker-compose -f docker/compose/simple4.yml up

# Connect to Concord with Truffle (in a different window)
# Or use your own local copy of Truffle and connect to localhost:8545
docker exec -it compose_concord-truffle_1 bash
truffle console --network ethrpc1

Check out our documentation for a quick getting started, detailed installation and deployment instructions, tutorials for installing Ethereum smart contracts as well as how to contribute and develop on Concord.

If you run into issues while using Concord, take a look at the help section of our documentation. If you believe you have found a bug or have a feature request, please open a GitHub issue.