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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
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WARNING: Kubeless is no longer actively maintained by VMware.

VMware has made the difficult decision to stop driving this project and therefore we will no longer actively respond to issues or pull requests. If you would like to take over maintaining this project independently from VMware, please let us know so we can add a link to your forked project here.

Thank You.

Kubeless site

Build Status

This repository contains the source code. We use middleman to generate the final HTML code.

We recommend you the middlemant documentation site. There you will find useful tutorials, videos and advanced configuration guides.


This project follows the basic structure of middleman projects. All the files related to the site generation are located in the source folder. In this folder, we can find the following files and folders:

  • assets: it includes all the files related to the frontend. Here we will place images, styles and javascript files.
  • layouts: these are the middleman layouts. It defines the basic layout for all the pages but you can create new ones if it's required. Also, we use partials to reduce the HAML code in main layout.
  • All the pages of the site, written in markdown.

To define custom data to inject to the project we can use the data folder. It also includes an YAML example file with some links to Bitnami products. You have more information about custom data in the middleman documentation.

If you need to add any Ruby code to the project, you can create the files in the lib folder. These files will be load automatically by middleman. The middlman documentation includes more information about helpers and external ruby dependencies.

Once we build the project, all the files will be placed in the build folder. These files can be served directly in server.


All the middleman configuration is present in the config.rb file. As you can see, the file is very simple. This is intentional because every project is different and it will require a different configuration. The config file only applies the common configuration of all our projects.


To start the development server execute the following command:

docker-compose up -d

The example site will be available on http://localhost:4567. The domain can change depending on your docker configuration. If you're using docker in a virtual machine, please check the Docker Machine section.

All the changes you perform in the config.rb file and the source folder will be applied directly. Once you reload the page, the changes will appear.

Docker Machine

If you're running docker in a virtual machine, the URL of the project will be http://VIRTUAL_MACHINE_IP:4567. Remember to change the VIRTUAL_MACHINE_IP placeholder with the IP of your virtual machine.


This project is deployed through Travis CI and it uses GitHub pages as hosting. On every commit in master, the site is deployed automatically.


The documentation pages are generated on the fly when running middleman. In the file config.rb we use the status of the submodule kubeless-src for generating the different doc pages.

The files under kubeless-src/docs/*md are copied into the source/docs/ folder adding the middleman frontmatter. The folders kubeless-src/docs/img and kubeless-src/docs/misc are copied as well.

The links for the different documentation pages are manually set in the file source/layouts/partials/_links.html.haml.