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Releases: vmware-archive/photon-controller

Photon Platform 1.2.0

18 Apr 01:42
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auth: give sys admin same rights as default admin

we currently give the sys admin less rights as the default admin, this
causes the sys admin not to be able to distinguish between a resource
not existing and not having access to it

Change-Id: Idee45cd858fb95421eedbc1d61d0226a3b37d350

Photon Platform 1.1.1

03 Mar 01:03
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api: add new path to initialize NSX

Change-Id: I339fc2c6a596a7b7db330a349077491e26a76916

Photon Platform v1.2.1

11 May 20:28
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Reorganization: Consolidate api module

Change-Id: I217b84d17332d7c77b0acb6ec67440f5c2987cb2

Photon Platform 1.1.0

19 Nov 02:23
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Add more logging to SubnetAllocatorService

Change-Id: Iee4ecdacd86907f06d39c720ad6adac7b53e7b84

Photon Platform 1.0.0

19 Aug 23:18
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devbox: Update deployment seeding for devbox

This change fixes escaping backslashes of oAuthSecurityGroups
to create two backslashes in the deployment document when creating a
This change moves the creation of the deployment entity
to devbox related directory and replaces the previous ruby
command with a curl that can communicate with auth enabled

Change-Id: I15377436b9b657c4c7bd472aebc5a7b0885b80fe

v0.9.1.1 - Fix Cluster Manager Issues

02 Aug 17:21
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Fix host_cleaner on VSAN

cherry-pick two changes from develop:
-54d0aad: VSAN: fix host_cleaner to support vsanDatastore
-d0c2f1b: VSAN: fix disk space leak

Change-Id: Iaaf9e08a91d7e5b2573ae9425fcc23324937ffb6

Photon Controller v0.9.1

20 Jun 18:06
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This release adds support for free licensed ESXi in Photon Controller.


27 May 17:16
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deployer: honor memory overrides for container resizing

Change-Id: I4425cc08174038bf38622508e9135a1e37ce7258