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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 9, 2020. It is now read-only.
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VMware VR Data Center Experience


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VMware has ended active development of this project, this repository will no longer be updated.

VMware VR Datacenter Experience



Bring your datacenter to life (virtually), teleport to different locations, pick up your virtual machines to find out more information and drop them in the trash can to delete them.


Check out this video demo where Alan Renouf (Sr. Product Line Manager) walks Pat Gelsinger (VMware CEO) through the VR Datacenter Experience.

Stay in contact

Join VMware Code as well as find us in the #VR Slack Channel for any questions you may have. Come join the fun!

Try it out


Headsets tested


  • vCenter Server 6.5 or greater (or you can use the mock endpoint as below)
    • Ensure that you have at least one vSphere Cluster configured which contains at least one ESXi host
  • A build of this project
  • A config file will be created in %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\vmware\vr datacenter experience\config.ini the first time you run the app, edit this file to store your connection details to your vCenter 6.5 server.

Detailed Oculus Rift walkthrough

Check out this blog post which details how to get up and running with the Oculus Rift

Detailed Windows Mixed Reality walkthrough

Check out this blog post which details how to get up and running with a Windows Mixed Reality device


  1. Download and Install Unity
  2. Clone this project
  3. Open the project in Unity
  4. Build and Run

No test vCenter? Dont worry - use a mock endpoint

You can use the following instructions to run a mock vCenter 6.5 REST endpoint with some basic functionality, just enough to get this demo going with 4 hosts and a number of VMs.

To start the endpoint do the following before launching the app:

  1. Ensure you have Java installed!
  2. CD into wiremock directory.
  3. Launch vSphere Endpoint for On-Prem DC using the bat file on windows, sh file on linux or via the following command:
java -jar wiremock-standalone-2.5.0.jar --https-port=8082 --verbose --root-dir ./on-prem/
  1. Set your ini file to use the following hosturl: https://localhost:8082


Check out our pre-built releases here


The VR Datacenter Experience project team welcomes contributions from the community. Before you start working with the VR Datacenter Experience project, please read our Developer Certificate of Origin. All contributions to this repository must be signed as described on that page. Your signature certifies that you wrote the patch or have the right to pass it on as an open-source patch. For more detailed information, refer to


This project is under the BSD-2 License, please see more here