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VMware Event Broker Appliance

Photon OS 4.0 Published VMware Fling Website

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Table of Contents

Getting Started

Visit our website and explore our documentation to get started quickly.


The VMware Event Broker Appliance Fling enables customers to unlock the hidden potential of events in their SDDC to easily create event-driven automation. The VMware Event Broker Appliance includes support for vCenter Server and VMware Horizon events as well as any valid CloudEvent through the native webhook event provider. Easily triggering custom or prebuilt actions to deliver powerful integrations within your datacenter across public cloud has never been more easier before. A detailed list of use cases and possibilities with VMware Event Broker Appliance is available here

With this solution, end-users, partners and independent software vendors only have to write minimal business logic without going through a steep learning curve understanding the vSphere or Horizon APIs. As such, we believe this solution not only offers a better user experience in solving existing problems for VI/Cloud Admins, SRE/Operators, Automation Engineers and 3rd Party Vendors. More importantly, it will enable new integration use cases and workflows to grow the VMware ecosystem and community, similar to what AWS has achieved with AWS Lambda.

Learn more about the VMware Event Broker Appliance here.

Additional resources can be found here and some quick references are highlighted below.


VMware Event Broker Appliance is provided as a Virtual Appliance that can be deployed to any vSphere-based infrastructure, including an on-premises and/or any public cloud environment running on vSphere.

The VMware Event Broker Appliance follows a highly modular approach, using Kubernetes and containers as an abstraction layer between the base operating system (Photon OS) and the required application services. Currently the following components are used in the appliance:

  • Tanzu Sources for Knative (Github)
    • Supported Event Stream Sources:
    • Supported Event Stream Processors:
  • Contour (Github)
  • Kubernetes (Github)
  • Photon OS (Github)

For more details about the individual components and how they are used in the VMware Event Broker Appliance, please see the Architecture page.

Getting in touch

Feel free to reach out to Team #VEBA


The VMware Event Broker Appliance team welcomes contributions from the community.

To help you get started making contributions to VMware Event Broker Appliance, we have collected some helpful best practices in the Contributing guidelines.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure that your change satisfies the requirements specified here


VMware Event Broker Appliance is available under the BSD-2 license. Please see LICENSE.txt.