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Antrea Roadmap

This document lists the features under development (the exact items are also tracked in Issues), and the new features being considered for the future. The intention is for Antrea contributors and users to know what features are coming, and what could come in the near future, and to share feedback and ideas.

Priorities for the project may change over time and so this roadmap is likely to evolve. This document lists some features as the potential features of future Antrea releases, but the list is not finalized. A feature that is not listed now does not mean it will not be considered for Antrea. We definitely welcome suggestions and ideas from everyone about the roadmap and Antrea features. Reach us through Issues, Slack and / or Google Group!

Features under Development

The following features are being actively developed and will be available soon:

  • Kubernetes NetworkPolicy Antrea already supports Kubernetes NetworkPolicy, but we are still stabilizing the implementation, improving the policy computation performance, and adding end-to-end tests.

  • libOpenflow and ofnet for Openflow programming The current Antrea implementation uses the ovs-ofctl command to manipulate OVS flows, which is inefficient. We plan to leverage libOpenflow and ofnet for the Openflow client and controller implementation, and are enhancing the two projects to support the OVS Openflow extensions.

  • CLI Both Antrea Controller and Agent will support a CLI, which will be mainly for debugging purposes in the first version. The Controller CLI can be executed from a remote host and can also be executed through kubectl. The Agent CLI can just be executed locally on the Agent's Node.

  • Octant UI plugin Antrea will have an Octant plugin which shows the Antrea information obtained from the Antrea Controller and Agent monitoring CRDs. Right now an Octant plugin that shows some basic Antrea Controller and Agent information is already implemented, but we are still working on the support for displaying more information.

  • IPSec encryption Enable IPSec (ESP) on the OVS VXLAN or Geneve tunnels to encrypt Pod traffic across Nodes.

Planned Features

The following features are considered for the near future:

  • IPv6 Pod network Support IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack for Pod network. Right now Antrea supports only IPv4.

  • Windows Kubernetes Node Support Windows Kubernetes Nodes. At the moment Antrea supports only Linux Nodes.

  • Network and NetworkPolicy troubleshooting We want to focus on troubleshooting, and will add more mechanisms to simplify troubleshooting Antrea network and the NetworkPolicy implementation.

  • No-encapsulation mode Route Pod traffic across Nodes without overlay tunneling.

  • Kubernetes Service by OVS Implement Kubernetes ClusterIP Services with OVS. Right now Antrea relies on kube-proxy to serve ClusterIP Services. The OVS implementation could perform better than the kube-proxy iptables mode.

  • NetworkPolicy scale and performance tests Evaluate and benchmark the NetworkPolicy implementation performance at a large scale, including the policy computation performance of Antrea Controller and the OVS datapath performance.

  • OVS with DPDK or AF_XDP Leverage OVS with DPDK or AF_XDP for high performance.

  • Prometheus integration Export metrics to Prometheus from both Antrea Controller and Agents.

  • Export OVS flow information Export OVS flow information using protocols like IPFix, NetFlow, sFlow. This is for enabling visibility into the Antrea network from a flow analyzer.

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