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@GuessWhoSamFoo GuessWhoSamFoo released this Jan 24, 2020 · 110 commits to master since this release



  • Check-in the generated mocks used for unit testing (#427, @antoninbas)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for navigation (#434, @alexbrand)
  • Updated octant favicon to logo (#462, @bryanl)
  • Added workload module with support for metrics API to show resource usage for pods (#480, @bryanl)
  • Added terminal component and ability to execute a command against a container (#488, @wwitzel3)
  • Added support for v1 and v1beta1 CRD API (#490, @bryanl)
  • Updated new community meeting time on website (#535, @jonasrosland)
  • Moved object metadata to its own tab (#542, @bryanl)

All Changes

  • Moved internal/dash to pkg/dash (#396, @wwitzel3)
  • Sorted events in a more stable manner (#404, @bryanl)
  • Fixed bug where container ports used for active port fowards used an incorrect state id (#409, @GuessWhoSamFoo)
  • Added iframe component (#431, @GarySmith)
  • Updated service printer to show service port instead of target port (#435, @alexbrand)
  • Created slider component (#440, @bryanl)
  • Fixed site accessibility and updated gem dependencies (#444, @SDBrett)
  • Updated documentation and add clarity around running and using Octant (#450, @wwitzel3)
  • Added uninstall instructions to plugin documentation (#465, @danielhelfand)
  • Removed typescript warnings in content switcher (#476, @bryanl)
  • Removed klog messages unless asked for explicitly (#529, @bryanl)
  • Moved port forward state management to backend (#543, @GuessWhoSamFoo)
  • Sorted container env vars and show summary with missing configmap references (#545, @GuessWhoSamFoo)
  • Updated resource viewer to show workload when it is selected (#551, @bryanl)
  • Updated documentation to use build.go instead of make (#559, @GarySmith)
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