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@pinniped-ci-bot pinniped-ci-bot released this 11 Feb 16:19

Release v0.6.0

Release Images

Image Registry VMware Harbor DockerHub


Breaking Changes

  • All concierge APIs are now cluster-scoped. This is a breaking change for the sake of API consistency. To upgrade Pinniped concierge, you must delete and recreate the concierge CRD objects. If you require a non-disruptive upgrade path, you can use the --api-group-suffix feature added in v0.5.0 to deploy multiple Concierge instances on the same cluster.

Minor Changes

  • All Pinniped APIs now use the status subresource functionality of Kubernetes API machinery.

  • The --concierge-namespace flag is now ignored and deprecated in the pinniped get kubeconfig and pinniped login CLI commands.

  • Upgraded Debian base images from 10.7 to 10.8.

  • Upgraded Go from 1.15.7 to 1.15.8.

  • Removed the pinniped get-kubeconfig and pinniped exchange-credential commands, which were deprecated in v0.3.0.

  • The kubectl get pinniped -A command no longer reports a "method not found" warning related to TokenCredentialRequest.

  • Updated default RBAC cluster roles to support Kubernetes flow control on clusters that have it enabled.

A complete list of changes (40 commits, 243 changed files with 2,179 additions and 2,519 deletions!) can be found here.