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The Podlets Podcast

Exploring cloud native, one buzzword at a time!

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About the podcast

Introducing The Podlets Podcast: A VMware audio guide to cloud native concepts.

Cloud native technologies have unique elements. In the greater tech community, there is not only a lack of knowledge of concepts and certain technologies, but also misunderstanding and almost mysticism surrounding the space. The Podlets show aims to elucidate and demystify these elements to help people confidently embrace cloud native technology.

Program Audience

  • Newcomers to moderately advanced users
  • Engineers, operators, and technical decision makers

Episodes are being released both as YouTube videos on the VMware Cloud Native Apps channel as well as a podcast show in the usual podcast distribution channels, such as Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Episodes will post every Monday to help you fire up your week. To watch or listen to the show, head on over to and follow us on Twitter at You may also contact us at

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