Top-level Google Repo project for the cloud-to-edge project, an automated tool to deploy an enterprise-wide IoT/Edge environment.
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Cloud-to-Edge Builder

This is a meta repository to link all repositories required for the Cloud-to-Edge project.


Cloud-to-Edge Builder is a project focused on simplifying the deployment of public cloud Edge frameworks on VMware's vSphere platform. The software allows end to end automation of the installation and configuration of Edge frameworks including full cloud-side configuratino and complete deployment of Edge VMs, Edge software, and application configuration. Cloud-to-Edge Builder allows deployments to multiple sites and vCenter instances and accomodates both Amazon Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge.

The current Git repositories in this project are as follows:

Project Status Usage
Azure Edge Build Status Azure Edge automated install
Azure IoT Build Status Azure IoT API automation
Cloud-to-Edge VM Build Status Create Cloud-to-Edge VMs
Ansible Greengrass Build Status AWS Greengrass automation
Cloud-to-Edge Automation Build Status Wrapper project for all automation
VMware PKS Concourse Deploy Build Status VMware Concourse Builder, adapted for C2E deploy instead
Cloud-to-Edge Concourse Deploy Build Status Cloud-to-Edge specific Concourse pipelines

Try it out

Do not clone this repository. Instead, install Google Repo and use that to source all the component git repositories.

Here's a quick google repo install for the impatient.

# Validate python
python2.7 -c "print 'Python OK'" || echo 'Need python 2.7!'
python --version 2>&1 | grep -q "Python 2" || echo 'Warning: python 3 is default!'
mkdir ~/bin
curl > ~/bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
# If you get a warning that about python 3, you might run this:
# After repo is installed:
sed -ri "1s:/usr/bin/env python:/usr/bin/python2.7:" ~/bin/repo


  • Google Repo (and it's requirements)
  • Git
  • Access to one or more vCenters

Build & Run

Once you've installed Git Repo, create and/or change into a directory where you'd like to place all source relevant to this demo and execute -

repo init -u

...followed by...

repo sync

After the sync completes, navigate to the newly created c2e-deploy/bootstrap directory and follow the instructions in that README.


Releases & Major Branches


The cloud-to-edge project team welcomes contributions from the community. Before you start working with cloud-to-edge, please read our Developer Certificate of Origin. All contributions to this repository must be signed as described on that page. Your signature certifies that you wrote the patch or have the right to pass it on as an open-source patch. For more detailed information, refer to