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The VMware.vSphereDSC module is a collection of DSC Resources. This module includes DSC resources that simplify the management of vCenter and ESXi settings, with a simple declarative language.

The VMware.vSphereDSC module contains the following resources:

  • VMHostNtpSettings: Used to configure NTP Server property and the Service Policy of the 'ntpd' Service of a ESXi host.
  • VMHostDnsSettings: Used to configure the DNS Settings of a ESXi host.
  • VMHostSatpClaimRule: Used to create or remove SATP Claim Rules of a ESXi host.
  • VMHostTpsSettings: Used to configure TPS Settings of a ESXi host.
  • vCenterStatistics: Used to configure the Statistics Settings of a vCenter.
  • vCenterSettings: Used to update EventMaxAge Settings, TaskMaxAge Settings and the Logging Level of a vCenter.