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Functional tests for govc

The govc tests use bats

Download test images

Some tests depend on ttylinux images, these can be downloaded by running:


These images are uploaded to the $GOVC_TEST_URL as needed by tests and can be removed with the following command:



Some of the govc tests need an ESX instance to run against. Any ESX box can be used by exporting the following variable:

export GOVC_TEST_URL=user:pass@hostname

Running tests

Tests can be run using the top-level Makefile:

make govc-test

Or the following command:

bats .

Or individually, for example:


Note that the test helper prepends $GOPATH/bin to PATH as the tests depend on both the govc and vcsim binaries.

Platform specific notes

Darwin (MacOSX)

Install gxargs, greadlink and gmktemp on Darwin

brew install coreutils
brew install findutils
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