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Log in with VMware Identity Manager

This demo application shows how to use Spring Boot and the Spring security SAML2 extensions to let a user authenticate with VMware Identity Manager™, using the SAML2 protocol.

This application is based on the Spring SAML2 Demo application and has been modified to integrate VMware Identity Manager as an identity provider (IdP).

Building the project


  • You need a VMware Identity Manager tenant, like, where you have admin access (if you want to add your own application). You can test the application as is, as it is configured by default on an provided tenant.

  • The project requires JDK 8.

Building from IDE

  • Clone this project.

  • Then import the root folder. You can run the main class named com.vmware.idm.samples.saml.Application.

Building from the Command Line

You can run the application locally by using

  • $ ./gradlew bootRun

  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080

Another option is to build the jar file and run it with ./gradlew build and java -jar build/libs/webapp-spring-boot-saml2.jar (per the Spring Boot docs and other available documentation).

You can now select the "SSO Login Page" and the first IdP and click Login. You can use user1 as username and vmware as the password.

Configure the Demo Application

If you want to configure the application to log in users from your own VMware Identity Manager organization, you need to add and configure that SAML2 application in your Identity Manager catalog.

  1. Edit the local ./src/main/resources/ file to setup your organization URL:

    vmware.url=https://<your VMware IDM URL>

    and run the application: $ ./gradlew bootRun.

  2. Login to your VMware Identity Manager organization (https://)) as an administrator

  3. Create a new SAML2 application, by clicking on the Catalog tab, and Add Application button, then select ...create a new one. Create SAML2 app

Then edit the name, description and icon of the application. Click Next. Edit SAML2 app details

  1. In the Application Configuration page, select Meta-data XML for the Configure Via option. And paste the XML content that you downloaded from your running local application: http://localhost:8080/saml/metadata. Click Save. Configure SAML2 app

  2. Add the entitlements to this application. You can choose Add group entitlement and type ALL USERS to entitle this application to all users in your system.

You can now log in to your application from http://localhost:8080, and you can also launch your application from the VMware Identity Manager end user catalog.