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-Welcome to the lmock wiki!
+Welcome to the Lmock documentation Wiki.
+The document is designed as a cookbook that would help you to quickly understand Lmock and design your first tests with the framework. It assumes that you are already familiar with:
+* **JUnit** tests (version 3 or 4)
+* **Mocking** in general. Ideally we assume that you have already practiced tests implying mocks
+In addition to this document, you may be interested by the tutorials delivered with Lmock, under the <code>docs</code> directory. They give a detailed description of the framework, thus require a bit of time to be read.
+This document starts with an [[overview of a test using Lmock|Main-structure of a test with Lmock]].
+You may also refer to individual sections directly:
+* [[How to define stubs and expectations|Stubs and scenario]]
+* [[How to implement tests implying multiple threads|Multi threading support]]
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