What is New in Photon OS 3.0

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Photon OS 3.0 GA introduces new devices support including ARM64 (Raspberry Pi 3), installer improvements and up-to-date OSS packages including linux kernel, systemd and glibc. This topic summarizes what's new and different in Photon OS 3.0.


ARM64 support

  • Raspberry Pi 3 - pre-built image and ability to build new images in the image builder.

Installer improvements

  • Ability to run installer from multiple media such as USB, CDROM, kickstart etc. on a wider range of storage devices.

Package and Binary Maintenance

  • Cloud-ready images for rapid deployment on Microsoft Azure (new), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and VMware products (vSphere, Fusion, and Workstation)
  • New package versions for the following base OS packages
    • Linux kernel 4.19
    • Glibc 2.28
    • systemd 239
    • Python3 3.7
    • Openjdk :
  • Up-to-date versions for most packages available in the repo.
  • Ability to support multiple versions of the same package (e.g. go-1.9 and go-1.10).
  • New packages including EdgeX, Liota, linux-firmware, wpa_supplicant for WLAN, consul, meson and others.


Openjdk 1.10 has hit end of life and is being shipped for serving the sole purpose of acting as a build dependency. No future updates - security or otherwise will be done to openjdk10 package.

Known issues

  • OVA will not deploy on Workstation 14 but will work on later and earlier versions.
  • Not all packages in the x86_64 repo are available for ARM64. Notable ones include powershell and dotnet libraries.
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