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vCD Notifications client
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vcd-nclient aims to be a quick start for using the Notifications feature in vCloud Director. The application can connect to an AMQP broker, retrieve notification messages and display them in table format. It is also able to configure a broker for the purposes of vCloud and thus vCloud Administrators could start playing with Notifications right away. Vcd-nclient can also serve as programming example for writing vCD extensions which consume vCloud messages. The source code is clean and can be easily modified.


  • Retrieve notification messages from an AMQP broker and display them in table format
  • XML and JSON syntax highlighting for the message payload
  • Provide easy way for configuring an AMQP broker for the purposes of vCD (File -> Prepare Broker)

Build and run

mvn clean install
cd target
java -jar vcd-nclient-1.2.0.jar
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