vSphere Integrated Containers Version v0.4.0

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Changes from v0.3.0 v0.3.0...v0.4.0


  • vic-machine create - significantly increases scope of configuration validation and simplifies arguments
  • vic-machine delete - delete a VCH, including containers, images, and volumes
  • vic-machine inspect - point in time data about a VCH such as current DOCKER_HOST value
  • support for short IDs and names in most locations
  • improved vCenter support (still experimental)
  • early volume support
  • link and alias support (container networking)
  • direct mapping of vSphere networks

The function is still basic and there are some specific limitations worth pulling out:

  • stop is not polite - it currently powers off the VM directly without providing for filesystem sync (see #438)
  • port forwarding is not available (see #938)
  • run does not block the process from starting until attach is complete so may result in missed output and attempt to attach to stopped container
  • no volume ls support or mechanism to list volume store locations

Known Issues

Force remove of a container fails. #1312

When you try to force remove a container with docker ${params} rm -f ${container}, you get an error from daemon: server error from portlayer

Restarting a stopped container from attach fails with "already bound". #1086

Workaround: calling stop on the already stopped container allows subsequent start operations to succeed. Stop will return an error that can be ignored.

Root User Support #1279

vSphere Integrated Containers supports root users inside containers. Non-root users will be supported in a later release.

Deletion of a VCH #1210

When deleting a VCH with vic-machine delete, all files and folders in the volume-store paths specified during creation will be deleted, even if they existed prior to VCH creation.

Pulling a nonexistent image produces incorrect output #757

When you try to pull a nonexistent image, you get an error from daemon: exit status 1

Error should be: Not found or Not Authorized.

Default base disk size is 8GB #159

Do not use docker run -it and docker start -ai for short-lived commands. Eg. docker run -it busybox /bin/ls.#1429

docker run does not currently delay start of the command until attach has completed, resulting in missing early output or command exit prior to attach. In the latter case this may block until a timeout occurs due to docker attach semantics.

Use the following commands to make the current behavior explicitly evident:

docker start

docker attach

The log server does not require authentication and might expose sensitive system information.

Debug logging is enabled in this release and can potentially expose the path and identity of system resources over HTTP via the vicadmin server. Plain-text passwords are not exposed.

SSH is disabled in the appliance.#1218

To re-enable SSH on the appliance:

  1. In the vCenter Client, open the console for the VCH.
  2. Log in with username root and password password.
  3. Type systemctl start sshd.

CPU and Memory in info do not reflect resource pool limits. 861

Current values for CPU and memory do not reflect the resource pool limits that are the actual resource boundaries of the VCH.

Using anonymous volumes

To use anonymous volumes with docker create -V, you must specify a default volumestore location with vic-machine when creating the VCH.

Eg. ./vic-machine create <...> --volume-store default:datastore1/anonymousVolumes

For more information, see vSphere Integrated Containers documentation

Ctrl-C does not kill a running container 1501

If you attempt to kill a running container by pressing Ctrl-C, the container continues running and the message Cannot kill container container_id: vSphere Integrated Containers does not implement container.ContainerKill appears in init.log.

Workaround: Use docker stop.




For instructions about how to deploy a vSphere Integrated Containers v0.4.0 virtual container host, see vSphere Integrated Containers Installation HTML | PDF | Source.

Using vSphere Integrated Containers

For more details on using vSphere Integrated Containers v0.4.0 see the general usage doc in Github, or the current drafts of the end user documentation:

  • vSphere Integrated Containers Installation HTML | PDF | Source.
  • vSphere Integrated Containers for vSphere Administrators HTML | PDF | Source
  • Developing Container Applications with vSphere Integrated Containers HTML | PDF | Source

Open Source Components

The copyright statements and licenses applicable to the open source software components distributed in vSphere Integrated Containers are available in the LICENSE file.

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