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This is a compiler for Emmett, a simple dynamic instrumentation
language. It currently targets vp, the "portable assembly language"
for VMware's VProbes instrumentation facility.
An Emmett program is a series of declarations, and probe / statement pairs.
E.g., in the canonical Hello world:
VMM1Hz printf("Hi!\n");
We're pairing an event of interest (VMM1Hz, which happens once a second
in the VMM) with a statement to be executed (printf("Hi!\n")).
We can group statements together with { }'s:
VMM1Hz {
var = 123;
printf("var: %d\n", var);
The user can also define typed functions:
int myfunc(int arg1, string arg2)
printf("%s: %d\n", arg2, arg1);
return arg1 + 1;
...and subroutines:
void myfunc(int arg1, string arg2)
printf("%s: %d\n", arg2, arg1);
if/else behave as a C programmer would expect, and integer expressions
roughly follow C's precedence and syntax.
VProbes' type map is currently hard-coded in Main.lhs. This should be
externally specifiable.
Currently all variables are global, and can be implicitly declared by
being assigned a given type. The only exception is function arguments,
which have function scope. It would be nice to provide block-local
variables; these could be supported using anonymous functions.
You'll need the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, which is available for all
popular platforms. make in the current directory should suffice.
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