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The vsphere-automation-sdk-rest has been discontinued. This repo is a READ ONLY repo. Refer below links for REST API documentation and Postman samples.

REST API Documentation

vSphere Automation REST API Postman Resources and Samples

VMware vSphere Automation SDK for REST

Table of Contents


The VMware vSphere Automation SDK for REST enables programmatic access to vSphere. The SDK includes Postman examples.

Supported vCenter Releases:

All samples support vCenter 6.7. Tagging samples also support vCenter 6.0.

Intended Audience

The VMware vSphere Automation SDK for REST is intended for the following audiences:

  • Developers looking for REST samples for the REST APIs

What’s in the SDK?

The VMware vSphere Automation SDK for REST provides a client SDK that contains samples that demonstrate how to use the vSphere Automation REST API and sample code. The following table contains a brief description of the contents of the vSphere Automation SDK for REST.

Directory structure (under VMware-vSphere-Automation-SDK-REST):

Directory Contents
samples/postman Postman samples that demonstrate how to construct REST API requests for Virtual Machine Operations.

Submitting samples

Developer Certificate of Origin

Before you start working with this project, please read our Developer Certificate of Origin. All contributions to this repository must be signed as described on that page. Your signature certifies that you wrote the patch or have the right to pass it on as an open-source patch.

Required Information

The following information must be included in the or in the sample docstring in case a README already exists in same folder.

  • Author Name
    • This can include full name, email address or other identifiable piece of information that would allow interested parties to contact author with questions.
  • Date
    • Date the sample was originally written
  • Minimal/High Level Description
    • What does the sample do?
  • Any KNOWN limitations or dependencies

Suggested Information

The following information should be included when possible. Inclusion of information provides valuable information to consumers of the resource.

  • vSphere version against which the sample was developed/tested
  • SDK version against which the sample was developed/tested
  • Additional Version information for any dependencies against which the sample was developed/tested

Contribution Process

  • Follow the GitHub process
    • Please use one branch per sample or change-set
    • Please use one commit and pull request per sample
    • Please post the sample output along with the pull request
    • If you include a license with your sample, use the project license

Resource Maintenance

Maintenance Ownership

Ownership of any and all submitted samples are maintained by the submitter.

Filing Issues

Any bugs or other issues should be filed within GitHub by way of the repository’s Issue Tracker.

Resolving Issues

Any community member can resolve issues within the repository, however only the board member can approve the update. Once approved, assuming the resolution involves a pull request, only a board member will be able to merge and close the request.

VMware Sample Exchange

It is highly recommended to add any and all submitted samples to the VMware Sample Exchange:

Sample Exchange can be allowed to access your GitHub resources, by way of a linking process, where they can be indexed and searched by the community. There are VMware social media accounts which will advertise resources posted to the site and there's no additional accounts needed, as the VMware Sample Exchange uses MyVMware credentials.

Repository Administrator Resources

Board Members

Board members are volunteers from the SDK community and VMware staff members, board members are not held responsible for any issues which may occur from running of samples from this repository.


  • Ravi Chadalawada (VMware)
  • J.R. Garcia (VMware)

Approval of Additions

Items added to the repository, including items from the Board members, require 2 votes from the board members before being added to the repository. The approving members will have ideally downloaded and tested the item. When two “Approved for Merge” comments are added from board members, the pull can then be committed to the repository.

VMware Resources


REST (Postman and JavaScript) samples and API reference documentation for vSphere using the VMware REST API





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