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Deploys ACME Fitness application across different environments
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Demo of ACME Fitness App

Getting Started

These instructions will allow you to run entire ACME Fitness App


Based on the type of deployment the requirements will vary

  1. docker-compose - Needs docker-compose version 1.23.1+
  2. kubernetes

Other deployment modes coming soon


Acmeshop Architecture


  1. Clone this repository

  2. You will notice the following directory structure

├── traffic-generator
├── docker-compose
│   ├──
│   └── docker-compose.yml
└── kubernetes-manifests
    ├── cart-redis-total.yaml
    ├── cart-total.yaml
    ├── catalog-db-initdb-configmap.yaml
    ├── catalog-db-total.yaml
    ├── catalog-total.yaml
    ├── frontend-total.yaml
    ├── order-db-total.yaml
    ├── order-total.yaml
    ├── payment-total.yaml
    ├── users-db-initdb-configmap.yaml
    ├── users-db-total.yaml
    └── users-total.yaml
  1. Switch to the appropriate directory for deployment

a. docker-compose
b. kubernetes-manifest

Additional Info

The traffic-generator is based on locust and can be used to create various traffic patterns, if you need it for other demos associated with Monitoring and Observability.

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