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ACME Fitness Shop on AWS Fargate

WARNING You will be billed for the AWS resources used if you create a stack from this template.


To run this CloudFormation stack, you'll need to have an AWS account. With permission to create:

  • Log groups
  • ECS Clusters
  • Cloud Maps
  • Execution Roles
  • ECS Task Definitions
  • ECS Services
  • EC2 Security Groups

Deploy stack

You can deploy a new CloudFormation stack using

aws cloudformation create-stack \
--capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM \
--stack-name mystack \
--parameters ParameterKey=User,ParameterValue=<your name> \
ParameterKey=Team,ParameterValue=<your team> \
ParameterKey=SourceSecurityGroup,ParameterValue=<your security group> \
ParameterKey=Subnets,ParameterValue=<your subnet> \
ParameterKey=VPC,ParameterValue=<your vpc> \
--template-body file:///<path>/<to>/acme-fitness-shop.yaml

End result

This CloudFormation template will create 44 resources. The Resource ID in the table below is how it is listed in the YAML file. The Type is what is created in your AWS account

Resource ID Type
ACMELogGroup AWS::Logs::LogGroup
CartService AWS::ECS::Service
CartServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
CartServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
CartTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
CatalogDbService AWS::ECS::Service
CatalogDbServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
CatalogDbServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
CatalogDbTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
CatalogService AWS::ECS::Service
CatalogServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
CatalogServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
CatalogTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
Cluster AWS::ECS::Cluster
FrontEndService AWS::ECS::Service
FrontEndServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
FrontEndServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
FrontEndTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
OrderDbService AWS::ECS::Service
OrderDbServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
OrderDbServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
OrderDbTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
OrderService AWS::ECS::Service
OrderServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
OrderServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
OrderTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
PaymentService AWS::ECS::Service
PaymentServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
PaymentServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
PaymentTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
RedisDbService AWS::ECS::Service
RedisDbServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
RedisDbServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
RedisDbTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
ServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::PrivateDnsNamespace
TaskExecutionRole AWS::IAM::Role
UserDbService AWS::ECS::Service
UserDbServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
UserDbServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
UserDbTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
UserService AWS::ECS::Service
UserServiceDiscovery AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Service
UserServiceSecurityGroup AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
UserTaskDefinition AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition


Delete stack

To delete a stack you've built, run

aws cloudformation delete-stack \
--stack-name mystack

Monitoring the stack

Optionally, you can use Wavefront to monitor your stack. To get started, we've added a sample dashboard (wavefront.json). To use this dashboard, first create a new dashboard ans select the JSON button on the top right hand side of the screen. In that window, you can copy/paste the contents of wavefront.json (just be sure to update the variables AWS Account ID and ECS Cluster).


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