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Library usage

Anime downloader can be used as a library too.

The following code searches for 'one punch' from

:py:func:`~anime_downloader.sites.init.get_anime_class` can be used to import specific sites using the url one of :py:data:`~anime_downloader.commands.dl.sitenames`.

from anime_downloader.sites import get_anime_class

Twist = get_anime_class('')
search ='one punch')

# You can directly import twist too
from anime_downloader.sites.twistmoe import TwistMoe
anime = TwistMoe(search[0].url)

# Get first episodes url

In the above example TwistMoe is a concrete implementation of :py:class:`anime_downloader.sites.anime.Anime`. Search results is list of :py:class:`anime_downloader.sites.anime.SearchResult`.

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