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You can configure the tool to suit your needs by using config.json.

This can be found under:

  • ~/.config/anime-downloader on Linux
  • C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\anime downloader on Windows

You can override the settings in the config.json, with command line arguments.

The default config file is given below.

    "dl": {
        "download_dir": ".",
        "external_downloader": "{aria2}",
        "fallback_qualities": [
        "file_format": "{anime_title}/{anime_title}_{ep_no}",
        "force_download": false,
        "player": null,
        "provider": "9anime",
        "quality": "720p",
        "skip_download": false,
        "url": false
    "siteconfig": {
        "animeflv": {
            "server": "natsuki",
            "version": "subbed"
        "": {
            "version": "subbed"
        "nineanime": {
            "server": "mp4upload"
    "watch": {
        "log_level": "INFO",
        "provider": "9anime",
        "quality": "720p"


  • For the key file_format, you can set anime_title(which refers to the title of the anime) and ep_no which is the number of the epiosde.
  • If you set player in dl, the tool will never download, only play in the set player.
  • If you set force_download, it will redownload even if the epiosde has already been downloaded.
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