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The following are extended installation instructions for Windows and Linux users. (For windows choco users, scroll to last)

Windows via choco

Contributed by @CodaTheOtaku


make sure you are running the Command Prompt in "Run as Adminstrator" mode

  • Install Chocolatey Package manager.

  • Using the Chocolatey Package Manager:

    choco install -y git mpv python3 aria2 nodejs
  • Once these are installed:

    pip3 install -U git+
  • then the commands to view a show would be:

    anime watch --provider *Insert provider name* --new


Anime downloader is avaible from brew.:

brew install anime-downloader


If you are using linux, you most probably already have python installed.

Type pip --version into your terminal. If it says python2, replace all the following pip with pip3.

  • Install aria2.

  • Install anime-downloader

    pip3 install anime-downloader
  • To install master branch:

    pip3 install -U git+
  • Enjoy.

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