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Tools for translating games based on propeller engine.
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propeller tools

Tools for translating games based on propeller engine.
Tested on "Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi" only.


MPK archive packer and unpacker. Does not convert anything by itself - it's used only to repack files.


Script (de)compiler. Creates text files that look like this:

00 05 [0, 1000, 0]
05 00 [0, 1, "立ち並ぶビル群の合間を踊るように、白い灰雪がひらひらと舞い_r落ちていた。"]
06 02 ["v\\SAK01500.ogv"]
05 00 [0, 2, "【咲良】「なにが、<都会,マチ>に出れば何とかなるよ」"]
05 00 [0, 3, "【優真】「…………」"]
06 02 ["v\\SAK01510.ogv"]
05 00 [0, 4, "【咲良】「どうにもならないじゃない。兄さん」"]
05 00 [0, 5, "【優真】「……いや、だってさ」"]

...and lets you convert them back to the MSC files. After editing the script files, you need to compile the whole thing back into MPK archive.


MGR image container packer and unpacker. One MGR can hold multiple bitmaps. The images appear to be simple BMP files, but they contain actual alpha channel which is quite rare for BMP file format, so be sure to pick an image editor that supports it.

Proof it works

Changing dialogs:


Changing images (the choice of Lucky Star screencap to replace a menu item wasn't my brightest idea, but that's all I had at the moment):


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