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GitHub Profile Summary Cards

A tool to generate your github summary card for profile README. Inspired by profile-summary-for-github

This repo is just for fun, feel free to contribute!

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How to use (GitHub Actions)

This action generate your github profile summary cards and make a commit to your repo. You can also trigger action by yourself after add this action.

Follow tutorial ( Recommendation )

First step

Use template ( create a repository )

  • github-profile-summary-cards-example

  • Action already setup in this template, you just need click use this template button to create your profile readme.

  • After replace GITHUB_TOKEN with your repo secret and trigger action you can use everything in profile-summary-card-output folder.

Add to exist repository

  • Add this action to repo and replace GITHUB_TOKEN in action yml file with your repo secret.

GitHub Actions usage

After the action finished. You can see all of summary cards are in folder which named profile-summary-card-output.

Note: Some summary cards might not be updated in time, because github raw file has cache time.

name: GitHub-Profile-Summary-Cards

  schedule: # execute every 24 hours
    - cron: "* */24 * * *"

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: generate-github-profile-summary-cards

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - uses: vn7n24fzkq/github-profile-summary-cards@release
        env: # default use ${{ secrets.SUMMARY_GITHUB_TOKEN }}, you should replace with your personal access token
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.SUMMARY_GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          USERNAME: ${{ github.repository_owner }}
          # BRANCH_NAME is optional, default to main, branch name to push cards
          BRANCH_NAME: "main"
          # UTC_OFFSET is optional, default to zero
          UTC_OFFSET: 8 
          # EXCLUDE is an optional comma seperated list of languages to exclude, defaults to ""
          EXCLUDE: ""

Local Run

  • Require node 16, lower versions should get some problems.
  • Add personal access token to .env file. ex: GITHUB_TOKEN=abcda69ddf66ae95538c5b1666591b59b4abc73a
  • Remember npm run build after modifying any code
npm run run [username] [UTC offset]


npm run run vn7n24fzkq 8

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