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h2cdplay is a sound server that plays tracks on win32 events.  It's intended to
be used with old Windows games that used CD audio soundtracks (most of them
have compatibility issues on modern systems).  It was created for Heroes of
Might and Magic 2, but can be used with other games as well. Of course, game
needs to be patched first to fire the events on track / volume switches, and
you need to rip/encode original audio tracks.

h2cdplay uses BASS audio library ( to
decode/playback tracks.

h2cdplay works with WINE on linux. You can also build more "native" binaries
using winebuild and Linux version of BASS library. On Debian/Ubuntu systems you
will need wine-utils and libwine-dev packages. You should also check out
fheroes2, free heroes2 engine at sourceforge:

Sample console-based client is included for testing purposes (just enter event
number to fire the event).

Protocol description:
Events are created with text names like "h2cd_play_track#%02d"
Event 0: stop playback
Events 1..49: play given track
Events 50..60: set playback volume (in a rather convoluted way)
Event 61: set "save/restore" posiion flag for this track (playback will be continued from saved position)
Event 63: terminate server