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Analyze the energy usage of Andover town buildings
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This application parses energy consumption logs generated by the Metasys application. Those logs are formatted in a way that makes analysis tricky -- each measurement is printed on a separate row. This application reformats a log file into a standard csv, in which each row corresponds to all measurements at a particular time.

The application can be run in two ways, via a command line script and by using the online interface.

Running in the command line

The parsing script is energize_andover/script/ It works as a standalone python application that can be invoked via command line, with syntax that can be viewed by typing python energize_andover/script/ -h.

Here is an example of how it could be used:

python script/ -i "data/AHS-ElectricTrend-Nov_Dec2015.csv" -o output.csv -s --start 17:00 --end 8:00 -c "data/columns.txt"

Online interface

This repository is really a django project with a form that can be used to interact with the script. The form supports upload of a raw Metasys log and returns a parsed version.

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