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(Initial) Setup:
- This assumes you've already install a working copy of node.js, that is relatively recent (>= v0.4) 
  (If not, read/follow NODE-INSTALL)     

- This also assumes that you have npm (the defacto node.js package manager) installed.  If not, run:
	# curl | sh
- Get the code:
 	# git clone  
	# cd
	# git submodule update --init --recursive    
- If you're behind a restrictive firewall (like the one at VNC/RF), this will fail, because the port used 
  by the git:// protocol is blocked.  If this is the case, run the following command to force git to use
  HTTPS repository URLs:
	# git config --global url."https://".insteadOf git://        
- Build the sqlite drivers 
  (You DO have a C++ compiler installed, right?)
  (For OSX, make sure you have the XCode tools installed) 
  (For Ubuntu use: # sudo apt-get install "build-essential")
	# cd lib/node-sqlite
	# node-waf configure build 
	# cd ../..                 
- Install the twitter module and it's dependencies (since the git submodule doesn't seem to get it all)
	# npm install twitter
- If you plan on doing any interactive debugging of, install node-inspector
	# npm install node-insepctor
- Also install the forever module. This is used to ensure the node process is automatically restarted if it dies.
	# npm install forever
- Install the Sqlite cmd line shell and create the default Sqlite3 database: 
	# sudo apt-get install sqlite3
	# cd scripts
	# ./  
	# cd ..                
- Set any necessary configuration options in the config file:
	# vi conf/configuration.json        
- Run the node server:
	# scripts/      
  (Depending on the USB port/HW/OS you're running on, you may need su privs to get node to open the 
   serial port)

- Connect a client UI by opening a browser and navigating to the proper IP/port, per the server's config.

- Stop the node server:
	# scripts/
Misc. Info:                      
- Docco HTML documentation for the 'important' code can be found in the docs/ directory. 
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