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Yet Another SDN Controller from

SDN Controller is built on Intel DPDK technology, Redis, Clojure, Graphite and Grafana.

SDN Controller Architecture

It is the first SDN Controller built on Intel DPDK technology and has very fast packet processing capabilities compared to other controllers that are based on JAVA, Python or Ruby.


Docker on a Linux Host or Mac

Get Started

To get started, Just clone the repo, and execute ./ to start all the components then login to the application using http://docker-host:9090/nerd-client (admin, admin ) is the default username and password.

It may take a while to download all the container images for the first time. Please don't interrupt this process of downloading docker images.

Start a mininet simulation

Before starting the script please execute this command once

sudo modprobe openvswitch

./ to start a mininet with linear topology consisting of 50 switches. Go to http://docker-host:9090/connectivity to see the topology on the client.

execute pingall on mininet to discover the connections between switches and hosts.


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