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90b112a May 31, 2016
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# Python PyEz script to collect the installed FPC hardware and show FPC status
__author__ = "Chris Booker"
import sys
from jnpr.junos import Device
from jnpr.junos.op.fpc import FpcHwTable
from jnpr.junos.op.fpc import FpcInfoTable
from getpass import getpass
from pprint import pprint as pp
from sys import exit
from lxml import etree
user = "lab"
print "\nPlease provide password for user '" + user + "' on device '" + sys.argv[1] + "'."
passwd = getpass()
dev = Device(sys.argv[1],user=user,password=passwd)
print "Connected to " + sys.argv[1] + " as", (user)
print "Connection failed. :-("
print "\n** Type exit() to quit **"
class style:
BOLD = '\033[1m'
END = '\033[0m'
#print FPC hardware Table
print "\n*************************************************************************************"
print style.BOLD + "Chassis Installed FPC Details " + style.END
fpcs = FpcHwTable(dev)
print fpcs
for fpc in fpcs:
print fpc.key," Description:", fpc.desc, "Model:", fpc.model,"Serial:",, "Part-number:",
#invoke get fpc information
print "\n*************************************************************************************"
print style.BOLD + "Device FPC Status Details " + style.END
jfpcs = FpcInfoTable(dev)
print jfpcs
for item in jfpcs:
print "Slot:", item.key, "State:", item.state, "Memory Util%:", item.memory, "CPU%:", item.cpu